Wolves Named The Moon

by Pine Tarts

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released March 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Pine Tarts Calgary, Alberta

Pine Tarts make noisy garage-pop. Shoegaze? Stargaze? They crash heedless through the bush and show up at Pizza Bob's with bleeding palms. They are sometimes found brooding, pupils wide as saucers, in a corner of the Ship & Anchor, speaking in tongues. People do double-takes when they see what Pine Tarts are wearing. They have been spotted on midsummers eve on Banff Avenue with an elk skeleton ... more

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Track Name: Young Summer
in the sunjewelled heaven
of a young summer, i suffered
just to be near her
who i couldn’t have
who i couldn’t hold, and told
her something so stupid like how
she was like every
mountain stream i’d never seen,
like every emerald mossy ravine
i’d missed, like every strange
mountain berry my lips never kissed.
so i tried hard to be
just as cool as her, and no one
got the best of me, cause she didn’t
want my heart, just sometimes
the other part, so i wore a leather
jacket, with nothin under,
and beatleboots with no socks,
and hearts i plundered
upon my brow like a crown of pride
and i knew that my body
would never die.
she turned me into a tourist
in my town, she made me jealous
for all those days i wasn’t around
the kootenays, up and down 17th,
where her little brown feet
must have been walkin.
my heart went into the woods.
i forgot all the little hopes
i had nursed. in the forest i heard
the tune of wolves calling out
the name of the moon.
i sent my heart into the woods
and forgot all the little hopes
i had nursed. in the forest i heard
the immortal tune of wolves
calling out the name of the moon.
i sang to myself crimson & clover
when you don’t care, your cup
runneth over. my crimson heart
sleeps in the clover, it’ll forever be
young summer.
Track Name: Mosel
i hitch-hiked all the way from
victoria b.c., to calgary with
just my dog mosel by my side
thru a wood near oyama and
mosel found the way, she led
me around to the beach at jade
bay. another time another beauty
and me hiked the rhine, and drank
erdbered wine by the mouth of
the mosel. hazelnuts hung on
branches and vines climbed the
hills. we toasted to luxembourg’s
buck-toothed girl,
“if there’s something you’d like to
try, if there’s something you’d like
to try, ask me i won’t say no, how
could i”, and if there’s something
you’d like to try, there’s one thing
i’ll never prove. thru valleys and
hearts i wanna move.
things flow thru me just like a
river, is there any doubt that we
are all kin of rivers. the bow,
the fish, the swift, the nose, and
mosel. the vine-root threads the
bones of buried lovers.
Track Name: Modern Lovin
now that i’ve twisted my ankle
amidst the follies of spring,
i don’t worry about runnin,
love is an easy thing. and i love bein
easy pickins, for the predators of
lovin, i give my flesh to the teeth of
them, cause i can’t stand up again,
c’mon! kait says she’s movin to london,
where the pants are tight, oh she can’t
get no modern lovin, in the post-modern
night. but it can be quite complicated,
lovin in the modern fashion. when you’re
a brown-eyed ice-cream sundae
tryin to surf the rings of saturn, c’mon!
Track Name: Nothin Else
now that i’m thinkin of somethin
i can’t think of nothin else
it’s so fuckin stupid how salvation
seems to hinge on nothin else
and more and more i’m thinkin about
it i think it’s hazard lights for my
health, now that i’m thinkin of some-
thing i can’t think of nothin else.
i could always see the forest
for the trees, till i found you
and now i’ve finally found ya
i cannot find another view, and now
i’m thinkin of ya my heart is open, my
eyes are broken. now that i’ve really
seen ya, i can’t see nothin else.
i used to love to taste still cool
forest pools reflecting stars above
and just the smell of the summer
night could make me fall in love,
but now my only care is to taste
your petal lips and smell your sweet
brown hair. now that i know you’re
near i don’t care about anything else.
when i saw you, swimmin in the water
when i saw you swimmin. when i heard
you, singin in the summer night i knew
i could love you. when i held you
in my arms, i thought it was a dream
i was dreamin. now i think i’m in love,
i can’t think of anything else to think
Track Name: Green Moon
the summer is under the heavens
abover her, in deep pools and
shallows, on hilltops and the
hollows. green moon, lune vert.
i met her in the mountains, when i
was still a young man. oh she was
just a kid then, and we never drank
from the fountain. then one day i
cut my hair, and she was no longer
there. and i searched far, and i
searched wide, but only loneliness
walked by my side.
i sit now, by a mountain creek, and
a tear rolls down my old cheek
maybe we’ll meet again, somewhere
in outer space, but she’ll never wear
the same face. and i miss her, in my
body, my spine points to that valley
oh i never knew, now i’ll never know
that face she wore in the shadows.
Track Name: Sweet Tooth
i can move across the room as easy
as pie, but i don’t, i wonder why?
is my hunger sated, oh i hope it’s not
it’s all i got, all i got, all i got.
a sweet-tooth’s the sweetest part
i got, my heart’s a cavity,
it’s easy to see that kissing, is just
like biting. we just just want to eat
each other, that’s my only forte and
my oevre. a sweet-tooth’s the sweet-
est part i got, my heart’s a cavity.
we can say what we want to, and we
can read what we want to, and you
can believe what you want to, but
it’s your gut that rules you.
Track Name: Medicine Girls & Boys
she walked in an ancient land, with a
sickle moon pointed at by her left
hand. he walked in a future land,
with a sickle moon pointed at by his
right hand. her lips kissed the berries
of the meadow where he’d be born
a thousand summers later, on a far
distant morn. medicine, medicine boys,
medicine girls, together.
Track Name: Neu Surf
all i’m lookin for is a lovely friend
with wild eyes, yeah
with goofy hair, and somethin weird
to wear, and a soul that’s wise, ya
so c’mon baby, if this is you, oh the
thing’s we’ll do yeah, c’mon baby,
c’mon now, be my friend, yeah
don’t see no harm in that.
i want to wear leather with her
and jump into the bow river, i took
an ad in the classifieds that said
just that, got no replies, what?
don’t see no harm in that.
all i’m pinin for is a pretty friend
with wild eyes, yeah
with ferns in her hair, and a jet-
black stare, and a thin disguise, ya
so c’mon baby, if this is you, oh the
things we’ll do yeah, c’mon baby,
c’mon now, be my friend, yeah
don’t see no harm in that.
i need it, i want it, you give it, i’ll
take it, you got it, to be there, i
wanted to tell ya, you know it, you
need it, you know it, you want it,
come on, we’ll do it, it’ll be fun,
alright. Don’t see no harm in that.
Track Name: Cascade
i can’t seem to realize, i got caught
in a disguise, now i can’t open my
eyes. But i fancy the fancy, you
fetishize fact and you think you know
what’s goin on, do you?
we knew once where we were, we
got lost in the words, now we can’t
be sure. but i fancy the fancy, you
fetishize fact and you think you know
what’s goin on do you? Is it true?
they feel i project, i don’t get real,
but i’m not makin no deals. the fact
is fancy concealed.