Pine Tarts Calgary, Alberta

Pine Tarts make noisy garage-pop. Shoegaze? Stargaze? They crash heedless through the bush and show up at Pizza Bob's with bleeding palms. They are sometimes found brooding, pupils wide as saucers, in a corner of the Ship & Anchor, speaking in tongues. People do double-takes when they see what Pine Tarts are wearing. They have been spotted on midsummers eve on Banff Avenue with an elk skeleton ... more

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Track Name: Twilight Blue (2009)
Twilight blue, the colour of kind memory. The sky when her i knew, in those days when i had eyes to see. She held my hand, above the amber mists of Kensington. The day was hot, oh yeah, but the night was cool. Kind reflection, please do not depart. Don't tell me i've forgotten, how i once loved her heart. Twilight blue, like a long lost lover encountered suddenly, so you just lower your eyes, pretend you did not see. She didn't stop me, or call out, "Jesse!". And i never called out her name, for the love of a memory. Twilight blue i'm in love with you, colour my memory.
Track Name: Old Love and Hate (2013)
So hard to love someone you hate
it'll make your heart disintegrate
And when you try to make it work you'll find
All the love you gave cost you your mind
oh, i don't know why i did
Cause it was old love, and hate
Just like the fox who pines
For berries that are too high
It's true too, that grapes are
The sorrow of the vine
They long for the teeth of
A lover to come by
Who loves who? Who hates who?
Who really wants to die?
And who's telling themselves a lie?
And who decides?
So far away.
It's plain to see, i was not meant to eat
Berries so sweet and sour to taste.
Maybe she didn't mean me any harm
By the way that she twisted my arm
Told her it was rubber and i thought
She knew that i wanted to love her a lot
But oh, i don't know why i did
Cause it was old love, and hate
So far away.
It's plain to see, i was not meant to eat
Berries so sweet, and sour, to taste.
Track Name: Be My Babe (2013)
No, don't wanna talk on the phone and no i don't want
To just hang out at home, i need some sunshine,
And a bottle of wine, and you to be kind
Don't try to keep me in line, just be my babe
I know i've been a terrible flirt, and i know
You're tired of digging up dirt, but i just wanna
Go to the party tonight, smoke marijuana
Don't wanna get in a fight, just be my babe
Hello, oh i'm sorry i yelled, oh hello, is this thing working at all
It'd be neat to see ya, at the party tonight
Y'know could i be...would it be alright
Could i be your babe?